d0odicLe-lj.com (d0odicle) wrote in free_ic0ns,

A Moment of Sadness.

We are experiencing a moment of sadness. One of our E-team Members is dejoining the E-team. India, a.k.a Trina [girl_wonder and eww_whores] has left our E-team. We are sorry to see her leave, and hope that she will return when she wants.

If you have requests that have been requested to her and they have not been completed, you have received an e-mail with further instruction. Please follow the guidelines of that e-mail.

As of now, we are looking for new E-team Member(s). If you think you would like to be an E-team member, then please contact free_icons@msn.com. Thank you.

Your Community Maintainer,
d 0o d i c L e
"At your service, 24/7." ::Icons & Banners Inc.
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